2013 Roane County High School Song Poems

by dblfstudios




released 06 June 2013



all rights reserved


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Track Name: Poetry

when poetry is in your head, its hard to get out.
somethimes its so good, i scream and shout.
I think about poetry and what it can do.
to even someone cool like you.

poetry is a hidden treasure,
you cant even measure
you have to l ook withiin the lines,
and not just at the end each line looking for a rhyme.

poetry comes from the heart or soul,
it so powerful, you feel like you just made the winning goal
Track Name: Yep
O here we go again back on the rampage
best hold Im back fliping out the cage
can't stop it or steel it my stile just deal with it
im coming fast like a hurricane
so bad im like a sleracane
so lock it down come close it tight
dont know me but I think you might
come on you know who i am
come on man Im yer number one Fan
Wait I dont eve know who I am yo
O bull this aint the rose ann show, bull yo
Im gone man where my brisk at
need the good stuff not the cone yack
Track Name: I Really Don't Like You
I really don't like you.
Not even a bit.
You act like your not even two.
Your face needs to be hit.
You say you have a good personality.
That may be true.
Still, I really don't like you
PS. This is about you :)
Track Name: Last One
Last One
Outside on the porch, in reality
it was a bunch of bricks just
stacked up. Out side a small
cold trailer tucked away in the
woods the place were I grew up
leaned to ride a bike and how
to hide from my moon when I did
Something wrong. To others i may
have been a broke down shack
but nothing can comper to the
edcinders I had walking myself
threw the woods sometimes stoping
and just laying down. Now that
I look back on it those may
have been the best days of my
Now that im grown Sometimes I still
sneak away to the woods to walk
and think mostly nothing but it
always releases some stress.
Im not sure were life will lead me
but I here of old friends going to
jail and dieing from drugs and sometimes
stoping by there graves to say a few words
even thow I know no one would talk back
I cant ask them why they did the things they did
but i guess everyones story is different
almost everyone is gone
and now I write my own story
I don't know if it will be a drama or a love or a comedy
but I can tell you now it will be one of the best ever writen
Track Name: Big Bomb Riding
Atomic boom head shocking rock
1945 man the united states just won't stop
it might have been a bad thing but it
helped for the better
blow so hard got ashes on my swedder
vest don't mess with the best "THE U.S."
and if you do I pity the fool
Track Name: Setting
November 22 7:42 pm Sun set
As I stand and look at the grave
of my Father I feel nothing but anger.
So mad I can't even cry he was a good
man yes a very good man and a great
father I tell my self over and over in my
I walk towards a tree turn and lean
on it to get out of the rain, Light
a smoke and take a deep breath...
Finish my smoke then turn around
head back to the car. Stoping in the
Road and waving good by to the grave
Love you Albert
Track Name: Games
Look at me I'm holding a scythe
Makes me forget about real life
The media claims us violent
They are the ones who need silence
I am the one who is peaceful
The government is deceitful
They play people like a game
Nobody knows; it's just a shame
We throw our children in Iraq
I don't know why they don't come back
Fighting a war that's a lost cause
That's the last thing our people saw
Keep on buying raise the debt
Just how long can we keep this set?
What is the american dream?
If you can't dream well, what's life mean?
It feels like life is a fiction
It feels like an addiction
I will go back to m y old games
Let's not say any more names
Track Name: Halloween
A night for fright
A night for fear
Tonight's the night
To shed a tear

Time to worry child
This world is disturbed
The town ha gone wild
Cant hide, too absurd

Tonight is Halloween!
It's such a scary scene
Hope you know a preacher
Save you from this creature

A night to be a villain
So slip on that creepy mask
Oh! What an awful feelin'
To contribute to this task

To see the fear in their face
In such an unholy place
Can you hear screams in the dark?
As if afraid of the sark

You sound as if in pain
No not really a kook
Oh no, im not insane
Just in love with the spook

Simply having fun
It's best not to run
Make your mind play tricks
Like witches on broom sticks

It's Halloween!
I know im mean
Don't try to run
From this great fun
Track Name: Spysor

I was once a great scientist
My mind was as strong as one's fist
I was posted in Chernobyl
Didn't know it was gonna blow

I saved many and mutated
I was not appreciated
This happened because what I've done
I have just begun the cruel fun

And now I am feared

I am so big and I am green
Other scientists call me a "fiend"
I will rule this millennium
With my spikes of titanium

I have extreme acidic breath
It just smells absolute death
My tail is just extremely long
The mace at the end makes it strong

I begin to seethe

My senses are extremely great
The same is with all of my hate
I have only one true weakness
Good luck opening that locked chest

My tongue is like a sake
Trust me it is not fake

My name is SPYSOR
Track Name: Pizza
I walk into the local pizza shop
And all of the pizza smells hit my nose
Mozzarella, Bacon, Pepperoni
The red chunky sauce of tomatoes!

Soon it is my turn to order
I want a large with extra cheese
Don't forget to add some bacon
and maybe could you hurry please!

Oh my stomach it is growling
so as I wait and wait and wait
And then I give my friends a text
Pizza it is going to taste great

Then the waitress brings my pizza
The first bite, the sauce oozes out
Eat more I take another slice
Pizza it makes me scream and shout

Pizza right out of the oven
I eat it right down to the crust
It is like I've gone to heaven
Very hot pizza is a must
Track Name: Rodeo
Country music over the p. a.
Does not happen during the day
People wear funny clothes to the rodeo
All the riders have B.O.
There's foods like pickles and cheese.
Can I have some fries with that please.
There are many different kinds of horses.
They go on many courses.
Bull riding is very intense.
I would rather them be in a fence.
Rodeo clowns hide in barrels.
To protect themselves from the perils.
Cowboy and Cowgirls wrestle steers.
They have to have no fears.
Cow chasing during breaks.
Getting stomped on by the bull causes aches.
Track Name: The Dark
The Dark

The darkness pulls you in
To feel and sense the fear
As your mind plays illusions on itself
Darkness is not all to fear

Chills you feel on your skin
As you see things appear
The sounds that your mind can not comprehend
Your Vision becomes more clear

As you hear the wood creak
And shadows start to peak
As it grows darker you feel smothered
As shadows begin to creep

Your voice starts to get weak
To where you can not speak
As you run and try to find the way out
As the sounds begin to leap
Track Name: Football

The smell of popcorn fills the air
Just before the big game begins
And the people start rushing in
Got some popcorn and get a chair

You can hear the thunderous blows
Are given between those brothers
When they ram into each other
Quickly and prepared on their toes

The way the orchestra sounds
And plays during the halftime build up
It' helps the player pumped back up
so again they can go another round

The silence of the fans begins
When there is time for one last play
everyone on their feet right away
Waiting to see if their team wins

The doxologized fans record
They also scream and yell in fun
Why'll as the running back is runs
The winning touchdown is scored
Track Name: Fear
Fear is a feeling
not hard to describe
a lump in the throat
a thorn in the side

A dark sound in the night
Are monsters out of sight
that awakens your dreams
'with some torturous screams

Fear is like lightening
it is so frightening
both powerful and bold
you can't handle or hold

Fear effects us all
short, fat, thin, or tall
a feeling we all must face
and control with style and grace
Track Name: School

School can be cool
Don't be a fool
You need to know
But doon't be slow

If you hear the bell
You can run and yell
Or even discuss
But please do not fuss

Do not be cruel
Try to be cool
If you see snow
Don't even show

Get on the school bus
But don't ever cuss
Go ahead and grow
To bring in the dough
Track Name: My Uncle
He is very smart
He is very tall
He pushed me in a cart
He loved to play baseball
He is so caring
He is very strong
He also sings some songs
His music is blaring

He was born the 13th of December
Then joined the service in September
In the service for 12 to 16 years
He grinds the Nissan 350z gears
He is an officer on a mission
He's a submarine missile technician
He works on the deep blue sea
And he went to college at the UT
Track Name: C7 Corvette
C7 Corvette

Blacked out rims and a beautiful sleek body
I'm not talking about that new Ducati
Big V8 engine a loud rumbling exhaust
The comfortable interior is soft
You barely see it with the midnight blue shade
7-speed transmission is a nice upgrade
0-to-60 in the blink of an eye
Yeah I know that this car will fly
with 450 horsepower
this car will be a classic in an hour
This car is really one of my favorite
It's the amazing C7 Corvette
There really are no other cars like it
Oh you better bet this car is legit
I love this car and I want one so bad
Better make another or I'll be mad
Track Name: Hockey

Hockey is one of the fun sports
It's fun to watch the players fight
It's hard work you could get some warts
The ice is a nice tint of white

The Canadians play little rough
You're going to have to be pretty tough
While they are playing in the hockey rink
You could hear the puck go pow zip zang zing

The people who reside in Chicago
Are crafty and fiendish like Iago
The hockey team that cannot hit the pucks
It just so happens to be the Canucks

The thing that make the Chicago Blackhawks tire
Their rivals the Philadelphia Flyers
Though Montreal's rivals are a bunch of goons
You might know this team as the Boston Bruins
Track Name: Master 15
Master 15

In the year 2013
A player called master 15
Is master of video games
Although he is still in his teens

He said "I'm the Master 15"
I challenge him a game called Xene
"I can beat you no problem James"
We were on the very first screen

The contoller was in his palm
I though everything would be calm
With a supersonic burst
He went off like he was a bomb

he beat me with his special hand
I took a vigorous firm stand
Legendary symbol of heroes
I saw on his magical hand

I knew that the match wouldn't last
Triumph was in Master 15's grasp
Track Name: Texting

Texting is an easy way to talk,
You will not have to watch the clock.
If you send your first text
Its seems very perplexed,
Don't worry about the next.

Texting is the best,
Thing to do in the Northwest,
or in the southeast,
You will want to text
Anywhere you visit next.

Texting is an easy way to communicate
And an easy way to associate
If you lose signal, you may have to relocate
so you can text
Anyone you want,
You may want to flaunt
How much you love to text
Track Name: Jacob

He is so caring and sweet.
He is always getting me treats.
He is so very very funny.
He is so cute like a bunny.
He makes me feel cozy and warm.
It is not liek a big bad storm.
When he looks at me and smiles.
I can see rainbows for miles.
He can always make me happy.
Just like my funny old pappy.
It makes me want to shout out "yay!"
He is the highlight of my day.
He is my wonderful best friend.
On him I can always depend.
He gives me all kinds of flowers.
I could be with him for hours.
On the long fast day we hang out.
We will have fun without a doubt.
Track Name: The Archer
The Archer

I am the hunter
That stalks his pray
I'm not the scavenger
That waits all day
I am the archer.

I am well hidden
And I'm ready
Though nothing will happen
I keep steady
Cause I'm the archer.

I carry my bow
and draw the string
I grab a notched arrow
And start aiming
Cause I'm the archer.

I started to release
and watch it fly
I missed all of the geese
And left to cry
But I'm the archer.
Track Name: Baseball

The masterful sound of the hit
The catcher has a bigger mit
The sticky stuff that's on the bats
All the fans were wearing their hats

Sound of the roaring crowd
Yes the fans were so loud
Playing the all-star game
The fans came with a bang

The new rookie players
And all the nay Sayers
The 7th inning stretch
The catcher made a catch

History of the game
The fans are still the same
Hitting a homerun into the stands
All the fans stood up and clapped their hands
Track Name: '69 Camaro
'69 Camaro

I stop at the light
and look to my right
An awesome body
Is in my sight

You looking so fine
You have the design
Hit the gas and GO
I wish you were mine

The way you sit there
all I do is stare
I want to drive you
But I wouldn't dare

I wish I had you
this is very true
You are amazing
People have no clue
Track Name: Softball

Softball is more than a sport, it's a passion
Red dirt, basses, and bruises are its fashion
You can hear the sound of the ball hit the bat
You can hear the fans up in the stand chitchat

Sprinting away down the dusty path
You and your parents can't help but laugh
In softball you have an outfielder
In softball you have an infielder

Some people think softball is just a game
But in the game they are the ones to blame

Intense parents in the stand
The player has a sweatband
I like to play with my friends
Only with my girlfriends
To play softball is so fun
Especially in the sun
Track Name: Boot Camp
Boot Camp

The sounds that I hear,
As boots echo draws near,
Small gush of blood flows,
Painful sensation grows,
They are in square maps
Like rats caught in the trap,
Vines have spiny tips,
They will feel a sharp grip,
Tears pour from your face,
After jogs around the base,
Iron leaves that cut,
Through wounds that cannot shut,
Face covered in smears,
Out there seeking no fear,
Feeling like a champ,
It's time to leave the camp.
Track Name: Fishin'

I've got my rod
I've got my reel
I'm going fishin' To have a big thrill
I'm just fishin'

I have my hook
I have my line
I need some bait
To have a good time
Just fishin'

You can fish on a boat
You can fish on the land
All you need for fishin'
Is a rod in your hand
Just fishin'

Fish by yourself
Fish with your friends
Fishin' is so fun
for a woman or man
Track Name: Shelby Cobra
Shelby Cobra

It is light as a feather
Blue with white stripes all weather
All exhaust are chrome out the sides
The rough black interior inside

800 horses roaring under the hood
So much power you wouldn't understood
427 cubic inches of power
Speeds up to 200 miles per hour

Aluminum body with tubed frame
Put all other cars to shame
So small it had no addition
With a super shift transmission

Twin Paxton supercharged v8
So fast it will never be late
All Americans favorite car
Shelby Cobra; the best car by far
Track Name: PBR

Riding a bull is very rough,
Getting stomped by a big huge bull,
But hanging on is very tough,
Makes you wish you wasn't so full,
The way bull snot feels on your face,
The taste of blood inside your mouth,
Makes you feel so much into place,
Makes you want to get the heck out,
The sound of spurs when you walk,
8 seconds seems like an hour,
Makes all the girls want to talk,
Once you get done; go shower,
The noise from the big crowd,
How the bull stomps on you,
Makes you feel just so proud,
Makes your face turn so blue,
Riding a big bull really hurts,
And it's the toughest sport on dirt.
Track Name: Missile Crisis
Missile Crisis

Armored birds fly high in the sky,
Seeing things below ground,
Tower shaped eggs had been found,
To the place they can defy,

The U.S. leader plan to stop the wright,
Looking for makes in sight,,
A message they send,
Hoping that they will end,

When an arrow strikes the armored bird,
The worst events they heard,
The leader sent his record,
Which the record is ignored,

They negotiate each other,
When the negotiation past,
a promise they made another,
and the terror ceased at long last.
Track Name: Pittsburgh Steelers
Pittsburgh Steelers

The Pittsburgh Steelers are my favorite team
When I watch the Steepers I want to scream
The black and yellow jerseys look so cool
The six championships; the Steelers rule!
One player on the field has a weird name
The Heinz Field is where they play their home games

The pants they wear in games are black and white
On the side of the pants is a black stripe
The fans in the stadium are so loud
Outside the stadium you can hear sounds

Pittsburgh Steelers fans are the great and the best
Steelers players say we are the greatest
The cleats they wear are black and bright and white
on the side of them is a yellow stripe
Steelers' coach says we have the best offense
Their coaches say we have the best defense
Track Name: Tennessee Men Basketball
Tennessee Men Basketball

Tennessee wears orange and white jerseys
During the game the players get thirsty
Tennessee runs an up-tempo offense
While they run a man or zone defense
Jarnell Stokes and Trea Golden are key players
Before the game they have a game prayer
Cuonzo Martin coach of the Volunteers
Tennessee basketball Backboards are clear
The SEC they are the 7th rank
Their backcourt is like a big army tank
they don't lose when they go in overtime
They walk to the locker room at halftime
The Vols are on a five game winning streak
They watch other games for a quick sneak peek
16-10 is there season record
During practice they can get a little bored
At 8-6 they are starting to win
Sometimes they lose some of their skin
Tennessee fans can get loud
Their coaches are proud
Track Name: Nikki Sixx
Nikki Sixx

He's an aggressive bass player
And with a sound of a slayer
The long black hair is not so mild
And his long black hair is so wild

And that smell of the great success
I wish we could have all possess
He sure does have the Rock N' Roll
The world of it is a manhole

His music is really so great
The tune of it has good vibrate
When he plays the bass it makes sparks
The tune gives i a lot of barks

The bass gives it a lot of fire
When it plays its always haywire
Nikki's photography is art
Nikki's fans see that it is smart
Track Name: Lebron James
Lebron James

The king of swag, ruler of the games
The man with the plan is Lebron James
The man with money, who ran from home
Forward on court in Miami's dome
The Heat his team, Basketball his thing
On his hand a championship ring

The king to be Emperor of Greece
the man was in danger is in peace
the guy with passion, has a vision
The man is great, has great decision
He is the guy that is made winning
Now he is the guy that likes grinning

He is the man that demands respect
the man challenges that he suspects
He's the man they can the chosen one
Now he is the guy that wins a ton
Track Name: Oregon Ducks
Oregon Ducks

Oregon Ducks are mighty and use traps.
They attack with speed and don't leave gaps.
The offense coming up with a plan.
A few more yards would be good man.
Their shiny helmets are green and white.
The helmets saved their heads from a strike.
Oregon football looks cool in school.
We don't want a flag but a cool dual.
They got tough and rough to fight to back.
The man with the plan forgot his pack.
Muddy, dirty Helmets scratched.
The linebacker took hits and he snatched.
Kinjo tried to score fought for the catch.
The fans thought the game was a mismatch
Track Name: In My Next Four Years
In My Next Four Years

In my next four years
Gona shed some tears
Maybe drink some beers
Cant tell what I hear
In my next four years

Gona move my feet
Live little faster
That'll be a treat

And sit in my house
Quite as a mouse
Maybe go to Foust
And work all day just to get paid
Pay my bills and never get raised
Play Call of Duty and be praised
Track Name: Things To Do In Class
Things To Do In Class

One thing to do while you're in class.
Sit and wait for the teacher to nag.
Get some gum and make a bubble.
Pop it loud you'll get in trouble.
Sit in class don nothing but play.
So we just through our lives away.
Talk and talk that's all we do.
Sit in class and act like a fool.
Tick tock tick tock the time goes by.
End of the day my brain is fried.
When I'm in gym sometimes I flex.
Hang on a sec I got a text.
Bad food, no phones, your told what to do.
and that's some reasons why jail i like school.
It's the end of school and also the song.
Oh my god!!! I can't wait to get home.
Track Name: Holy Crap!!!!!
Holy Crap!!!!!

OK to sart it oif
Blonde people just stop
You not that stupid if you
Were you would not bother
Getting out of bed in the morning
O and short and skinny guys stop
Every one knows you have to
Act together to make your self
Feel better.
O and old people stop driving
I mean its OK inless your
On a back road then you do
8 in a 55 Holy Crap!!!!!
You people really pull my teeth
Track Name: Timon y Pumba
Timon y Pumba

Timon y Pumba son en
DeLante De snoopy. Goofy es
Delante De Buggs Bunny.
Wilie Ciotee esta en oJudg. Tazz
Es alegre. Tom can esta eno jado.
Grape ape esta alegre. Buggs
Bunny esta ami bicioso. Daffy
Duck no esta amibicioso
Track Name: History

Now history is a subject that makes me
Sometimes I don't even blink.
It goes by so fast like thunder,
It gets in my head and I start to wonder
Why all these people had a vision or dream,
On how they wanted the nation to be.
Some dreamed big and some dreamed small,
some were short and some were tall.
Track Name: Trust Me I Have a Spoon
Trust Me I Have a Spoon

Well I was tearing down o 342
Big black engine you wish you knew
Drove by a clown, 2 cat, 4 nuns and a mule.
It seemed pretty cool so I turned around
And pushed that pedal to the ground.
I pulled back up that poor little clown.
He cryed and smiled bat with only a frown.
Then I passed the cats and onto the
And want you know it they were asking
For funds.
So I drove on down to the mule
In the back tried to put him
In my truck but he ran just to fast
As I was chacing him down threw
The corn fields and the mud.
I shining eye came from above.
It was a midget "Hulk Hogan" with to
Big arms.
Before I knew it he was tearing up
the farm smashing stuff left and right
O dear god I tried to hold on
But as he grabed the truck I remembered
A song and let loose the wheel hoping
It would hit him and he would be gone
But instead he jumped on the truck
Broke the winder
Tried to pull me out but I was stuck.
Then it crossed my mind I still had
That pickle and turned to my lunchbox
In the back by my bicycle. I opened it up
And what did I see but the Mexican
Pickle looking back at me well he jumped
Up real fast in a heary.
Said hey sinyor don't worry.
Trust me I know what to do. And he
Sit back down and pulled out a spoon
Then he looked me in the eyes and smiled
Real big then he spit out his gum and
Did a little jig.
Then he through the spoon an hit the
And the midget feel over and left
Me his didgets and hot said
Call me its all good we can meet
On the moon just don't bring the
Track Name: E-Class

It don't make no since from my brain to
This paper.
Matter a fact I think I scare my
Im not wierd im me.
Its hard for you to see.
Then again maybe its you.
But really think you don't have a clue.
I don't need to justify what I do.
Either way it makes no dilirents
To you.
And in reality im the one you wish
you knew.
And like I said you have no clue.
So don't even try to start a new.
Track Name: History

The atomic bomb we new what it would do
Do you.
See the thing is we don't care
Will blow up your city with not a care
As the song once said well put a boot
In your ass it's the American way.
America will push threw we wont hide
In the hay
O and dear god no we wont lay by
The bay.
Were quit fast never fails.
Even if some things you hear might be tails.
Bottom line we don't look it, but were
Hard as nails
And you don't have to worry the atomic bomb
Never fails
Track Name: Fishing

When I go fishing I always pray
Thank the lord for a beautiful day
then pullout my fishing pole
and I get a big dip of skoal
Just waiting on a big filet
So I start casting away
As the fish go to their funk hole
I try to get some self control