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Announcer: Tonight, on Action Seven News
News Person 1: Continuing coverage on the 1837 economic crisis that looks like it might turn into a full blown panic...
News Person 2: The update on Pontiac’s recall of their latest carriage, and the defective feed bag scandal that has rocked the horse drawn industry. News Person 3: The latest sports scores dueling results, as well as what the Farmer’s Almanac guesses for tomorrow’s weather.
News Person 1: Bur first, a lumberjack feud in the frozen north has sabers a-rattling between these United States and Canada. We take you live to White House correspondent Isiah Boureguarde, Isiah?
Isiah: Guys, it’s been a little over an hour since the president announced that a series of lumberjack incidents have happened in the contested Aroostook region, saying only...
<<press conference>>
Van Buren: Guys, everything is fine. I’ll get Daniel Webster on this; he’ll straighten everything out.
Isiah: With that, the president has returned to the White House library. All we can do now is hope and pray that no star crossed lovers complicate this tense situation. Back to you Charles...


from The Aroostook War: A Musical, released July 6, 2015



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