American Lumberjacks

from by dblfstudios

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Chop ‘em down, drag ‘em out
float ‘em down the river
One last swing then sound the shout
Hear timber! And we’re running
These perfumed French are not real men
They’re girly girls you see
We’ll see their tulip, raise them pine and
Promptly take the trees

Am. Lmbrjk 1: I must ask, why do we hate the Canadians so much? They are annoying, but imagine if we would eat French food every day! It’s so much better than this slop we get, surely that its worth befriending them.

Am Lmbrjks:
your foolish question betrays the fact
You think we’re dogs
The only thing we do with French is
Beat them at their game
And once we beat these dumberjacks
Halifax...will be Maine

Eaton: Ho! Lumberjacks!
Am. Lmbrjks: <<Mr. Eaton!>> <<Hello Mr. Eaton>> <<It’s Mr. Eaton>> <<etc.>>
Eaton: Be on the lookout for Canadians; these woods are crawling with them.
Am. Lmbrjks: <<yes sir Mr. Eaton>> <<can do Mr. Eaton>> <<etc.>> Eaton:Come along, Miriam.
Miriam: Yes father.


from The Aroostook War: A Musical, released July 6, 2015



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