Danny, Can I Have A Word With You?

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Pres. Van Buren:
Danny! Danny!
Scramble, hurry fast!
I must have a word with you, this conflict cannot last!
Hurry Daniel! Hurry Daniel! Van Buren needs you fast
Librarian: Shhhhhhh!!!

Pres. Van Buren: These hairy mindless lumberjacks are going to give me trouble! <<quieter now>>
They are going for each other’s trees and giving them a rumble!
Lumberjacks! Lumberjacks! Please go get them off my backs!
Librarian: Shhhhhhh!!!

Daniel Webster:
What am I, a man of words, supposed to do with that? <<quieter now>>
I have no chance against these bears, I’m afraid of my own cat!
Scared of cats! Scared of cats! Will be no help up at the pass!
1st Choir Mem.:
That’s probably why he made the dictionary
2nd Choir Mem.:
He was too scared to go outside so he just wrote down words!
Webster: That wasn’t me!!
Librarian: Shhhhhhh!!!

Pres. Van Buren: I need you Danny...to make a treaty <<quieter now>> To define a border, and don’t be greedy
Hurry fast! Meet the Canucks!
Then you may return to writing your books.
The North is my...Maine...problem first!
Webster: THAT IS NOT ME!!
I will go and make a treaty!
I will not fail! My country needs me!

Choir: To victory! To victory! Danny will save the North today!
Librarian: Shhhhhhhh!!!


from The Aroostook War: A Musical, released July 6, 2015



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