Lumberjack Interlude 2

from by dblfstudios

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<<gunshots, chaos>>
Am. Lmbrjk 1:
uh...sounds like those Canadians have gone and lost their minds...
Eaton :
Quick! You hold them here and I’ll go back and get the state militia!
Am. Lmbrjk 1:
OK, sounds gr...wait a minute...
Am, Lmbrjk 3:
Why don’t we all go get the state militia?
Am. Lmbrjk 2:
Why don’t we ALL go get the state militia?
<<they flee>>
Cn. Lmbrjk 1:
The bear is dead!
Cn. Lmbrjk 3:
Pasqual is hurt...bad!
Cn. Lmbrjk 1:
Pasqual, mon ami, can you hear me?


from The Aroostook War: A Musical, released July 6, 2015



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